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The package is $2,000USD new, and the protective plastic is still on the housing viewport and lens housing! See the manufacturer web page on this item HERE

  • Compact and durable, CNC precision machined corrosion-resistant aluminum housing.
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed.
  • Maximum Operating Depth of 100 meters (328 feet).
  • Sensitive shutter control for easy half press focusing.
  • Removeable port to allow for dry lens acessories
  • Front Step Ring and Continuous Ring Dials
  • Rear Control Dial with push button function.
  • RECSEA Original dial locking mechanism.
  • Quality silicone O-ring with wider Back Cover contact surface for added protection at greater depths.
  • Complete camera function control.
  • Variety of supported RECSEA original options.
  • Includes 67mm adapter
Inon Lens:
This is an excellent dual use (land/underwater) wide conversion lens specially designed for 28mm wide cameras (35mm film equivalent). The maximum view angle is 100° underwater for wide imaging and 179° on land for fish-eye imaging.