Surrounded by deep waters, this is the ideal spot to encounter large marine life such as Hammerhead, Tiger, Galapagos & White Tip sharks, various species of rays, tunas, sailfish, turtles, and a wide array of other pelagic marine life. Truly a diver's paradise, there are numerous varieties of coral, volcanic caves and tunnels inviting you to discover something new with every dive.

Our hosts, the Undersea Hunter Group, present you with an exquisite live aboard experience. Aboard the MV Sea Hunter guests enjoy tastefully decorated staterooms and welcoming social areas offering an ambience of luxury. The skilled and highly experienced crew adds a feeling of unparalleled pampering. Each cabin has its own bathroom for your privacy and comfort.

The Sea Hunter is equipped for the ultimate aquatic experience. Its well-appointed diver facilities include individual gear storage, camera lockers with charging stations and complete rebreather support. For the more adventurous, the DeepSee submarine will take you on an unforgettable voyage to depths of 1,000 feet (for an additional fee).

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