We hear a lot about the discoveries of shipwrecks and caves made by rebreather divers and whist I love reading about those, I also think it would be great to hear more about the discoveries made by those exploring deep reefs. I notice that rebreather wreck diving and rebreather cave diving have their own sub forums above.

Many of us who dive rebreathers are probably exploring places that divers before them have never dived before and seeing things that have never previously been seen before, and with the ability of rebreathers divers to dive deeper for longer the potential for discovery is growing. In many regions the top 30m (100ft) has been well covered by divers over the decades since the use of OC SCUBA became widespread, but in the past 10 or so years those diving rebreathers has greatly increased along with the ability to dive deeper for longer increasing the probability of making new discoveries. In many areas very few people have dived below 40m (120ft the recreational diving limit) other than the occasional bounce dive to 50 or even 60m for shits and giggles. For instance in my region (Tasmania, Australia) the number of active rebreather divers can be counted on one hand and many places we are diving are being dived and seen for the first time, and making some interesting discoveries.

I will kick off with a discovery my little group made in Tasmania. Whilst exploring deep reefs in the 50-70m range we have discovered the existence of tree forming black coral, a species not recorded in southern Australian temperate waters before, and likely to be a new species, we collected a sample for identification which I understand has been sent to the US.This discovery got the local marine scientists very excited and generated a bit of media attention, which quite surprised me. Below are a few links to YouTube videos about our discovery.

Would be great hear about discoveries others have made whilst exploring deep reefs on their rebreather I am sure there have been plenty, please share!!



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