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Thread: Sofnolime "Jerry Cans"

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    Sofnolime "Jerry Cans"

    Anyone know a source in the US for the 4.5K Sofnolime jerry can twin pack?

    It's not necessarily like this is the way that I always want to buy and use sorb, it's more that I want the containers.

    For a time I thought about washing, sterilizing, and refilling actual kitty litter containers to have a single fill of sorb in the car (instead of needing to fill from the space consuming keg at the dive site when needed). Why a kitty litter container? Because I thought it would be funny is why.

    But then it occurred to me that there may be some leeching, gas permeation, or some other such undesirable reaction with a container not designed to hold such material.

    So, mostly, I just want the jerry cans themselves to refill.

    Or, if we have any materials peoples here who might know an appropriate container to store the stuff in?

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    Re: Sofnolime "Jerry Cans"

    What about Nalgene bottles? Not the hippie/hiker/hipster type of Nalgene, but the labware type of bottle from before they found a way to sell millions of water bottles to college students.


    I couldn't find it on Nalgene's website, since they've gone total water bottle.

    We use these a lot in caving and sump diving. They're easy to clean when they get dirty and are very durable. I have about 10 of each size at home for storage and transporting other materials.

    I'd also reccomend Derrin drums.


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    Re: Sofnolime "Jerry Cans"

    I still have the smaller "jerry can" type container I used when I did my initial rebreather course back in 2013 that I refill from the 20kg keg, I have found it very convenient to carry around sorb refills.

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