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Thread: Croatia new exploration..Vrelo Une -248m.......video

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    Croatia new exploration..Vrelo Une -248m.......video

    Once again a new cave diving exploration record has been set in Croatia.
    In August 2016 a new exciting and challenging exploration took place into Vrelo Une spring. I had this spring already explored back in 2007 till the limit of -205mt deep. This time though I shared the mission with Fred diving alternately over several days. Fred has dived down to -244mt (-240mt according to Shearwater) while I dove myself as deep as -248mt (Shearwater) counting a progression of 100mt below the depth of -200mt out of total 380mt from the cave entrance. For the records: water temperature was 8°C and visibility was 10meters.

    Team members
    Alessandra Massarenti, Carlo Venezia, Davide Massarenti, DDISKF, Fred Swierczynski, Gigi Casati e Tihomir Kovacevic


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    Re: Croatia new exploration..Vrelo Une -248m.......video

    That was a great video, thanks for sharing!

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