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Thread: Faber FX23 cylinders in EU

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    Faber FX23 cylinders in EU

    Hey guys,

    So this is what I'm wondering...I have several sets of FX23 Blue Steel cylinders that are still current in hydro. I fill them myself at the moment. I moved to Europe a couple of years ago. I believe this poses a problem in regards to these cylinders once my Hydro is up.

    I know the tanks in Europe are M25 two pitch threads for the German Tüv rather than the 3/4 NPS threads common to US-DOT and Canadian CTC cylinders.

    Does this mean I'm stuck buying new cylinders in Europe? Or is there a way to get them tested in Germany and having Tüv granted if there are no problems?

    I'd appreciate any useful information from you guys. Thanks.


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    Re: Faber FX23 cylinders in EU

    kind of hopeless. The TÜV will happily test your cylinders (as long as you go directly to the facility doing the testing, instead of sending your tanks in through an uninformed diveshop) and will happily give you a letter stating that the tanks were visually and pressure tested to x Bar without problems on DD.MM.YYYY.

    But the vital TÜV stamp/sticker cannot be given since the tanks are unspecified for use/sale in Germany.

    Buy 3 L steel tanks, including valves you should be able to get them new for @ €140 retail each.

    As long as you don't need to get your tanks filled in a commercial facility, you don't need a TÜV though.

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