I am looking for some help with my vr3 dive computer, I tel you my story, my vr3 ofen lost its pin code when I Take long Time to change Battery ( It use the Battery faster just 1 wk and the Battery is flat)
I have C4,C11,C9,V2 and color pin code and It's longer to put them each Time, I have Prolink with usb connecter and I wanted use It to put the pin code (it's faster).
After puting the C9 code to use oxygen sensor, the vr3 has unloked to use 3cells as the VRx???, I was happy but when I cennected the Fisher cable It doesn't run (no way to have the oxygen analyse). In fact the vr3 can just run with one cell only.

After that I left It for Time whitout Battery (thinking It will losing the pin code as usuel) , but this Time It doesn't (puting code with Prolink is match stronger I think)

Diving with rebreather I need the oxygen sensor. On the Prolink tools I find there is possibility to reprogram the vr3 (there is folder "Reprog" where there is files *.sog) I trayed doing it, It sems that the vr3 had factory reset. Goog News for me all the pin code has removed. I put them egan and It work ok, but I lost tow thinks:
-The Gmode one dive option( to have posiblity to see the PPO2 on dive)
-The possibility to use VGM ( only buhlmann run) even when I but the v2 pin code !!!

It seems that the version of the software that I reprogram isn't the last one where It there Gmode and VGM ( the V2 pin code doesn't work now).
That why I am looking for the update software to have agen the Gmode on dive option and see the PPo2 on dive.

With the reprograming that I did, when I the VR3 starte the pictur is not "VR technology" but "NHEO2 live deep" on the first screen, thats why I am thining I loste the version that I had befort on it.

I hop you can understand my problem and maybe you can help me.

Best Ragards and thank you very much for all.