On May 28th 2016, John Eells, Jonah Klein and Dan Wright visited the Western Wall tunnel spotted by Bob Thomas the previous weekend, primarily to secure the downline and possibly to run cave lines into the tunnels itself. When I penetrated the tunnel, as seen in this video, I determined that the "drift" only went about 50'. Running a fixed line into the cave probably is not needed at this point. As soon as I exited the tunnel, the "Klein Kavern" popped into view. Jonah proceeded to run a downline to this cavern, which is probably 30' in length, and once again, a fixed line is not necessary. Divers should just run their own reels in these two very short tunnels. Later in the video, you can see John Eells re-visit the Southern Wall tunnel (eastern spur) that he ran cave line into last week, and I checked Bob Thomas' line he ran in the western spur. Line arrows still need to be added into that spur as of now. On dive #2, Jonah, John and I all proceeded along the eastern wall, at the same depth, to search for more tunnels and debris, some of which have been marked already this spring. Fantastic day overall of discovery! This was the 54th day of dive operations and my 74th and 75th dives, respectively at the Tilly Foster Mine. This makes three different tunnels located in three weeks, soon we move down to the next level of searching deeper. There appears to be a logical progression in the miner's drifts, looking for iron ore in respective depths from the surface. Intel soon to be in our hands will give us a map of the day, one huge tunnel is supposed to begin at 350', and go to 650' in depth. On August 17th, 2014, I located an entrance at 324', but could not penetrate, as I was at the end of my dive and solo without a spare reel, from the one I was using..