hi guys,

my son and I are planning a trip to north sulawesi next july. we are planning to stay 3 to 4 days on bunaken island and another 4 days on bangka island.

on bunaken, we will dive with twofish divers.
the thing is:
.bunaken is moving their tech ops to bali, so that they will no longer support trimix diving next july.
.besides, there is absolutely no ccr support on bangka island.

I was hopping that two fish divers could help us out by renting us a few onboard cylinders, but they only rent them out to the guests diving with them. I tried ned-lembeh, but they only offer services to their guests as well.
so , my questions are: is there any other place where I could try and get:
1. onboard cylinders for rental
2. 02 fills? and maybe trimix fills?
regards, fred