Divetech will be celebrating it's 13th annual Innerspace - the world's largest rebreather event. This year will see a change of scenery, as we will be holding Innerspace on Cayman's east end. These diving sites are similar in topography, but known for it's larger pelagic life often seen on the deep wall.

Join us for a fun week of rebreather diving for divers of all levels of certification. Dive profiles include:
  • Recreational 40m/130f
  • Advanced Recreational Trimix 48m/160f
  • Normoxic Trimix to 61m/200f
  • Advanced Trimix dives to 100m/330f
  • Expedition Trimix dives to 122m/400f

Breathing gas, bailout bottles, CCR bottles, scrubber, accomodations and meals included.

Our line-up for evening presentations include pool demos to test out new units, product trade show, seminars on topics of interest to CCR divers including many representatives from the industry. Our guests will show and tell on new products, emerging technologies, new Rebreathers and allow you to test out new equipment. Meet some of the sponsors and “Who’s Who” in the diving industry.

Want more information? Visit http://www.divetech.com/innerspace.html