Start your 2016 dive season with redundant tank configuration - Universal LOLA valves

LOLAs are a new concept in tank valve systems. Each 300 bar valve has two independently controlled DIN outlets.
The valve can be used in multiple applications:
- With two 1st stage regulators as an H-valve.

- Left and Right model can be connected by special flexible crossbar for double tank manifolded configuration. The advantage of this system is that the double tanks can be disassembled without being emptied.

- For GUE style CCR setup

- The valves can also be used on any Constant Mass Flow (CMF) CCR in configuration with balanced and unbalanced regulators for larger depth range.

The LOLA manifolds do not have a single point of failure found in other manifolds with isolator, since each side can be independently isolated.
Each valve has 3/4 NPS thread.…