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Thread: Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

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    Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

    I will be spending the a week in Key Largo in March and will be doing the Spiegel and Duane for sure, but am looking for suggestions as to which wrecks are the best to dive on. I will be going with Horizon divers as last time we were out last October they were awesome. I will be diving my Prism and trimix for anything deeper than the spiegel. I appreciate any suggestions and if anyone wants to join me, I'm always up for a buddy or two.

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    Re: Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

    You can try the Eagle and Bibb wrecks. There also a lot of shallow wrecks (18 - 45 ft) around Key Largo area, but I would definitely check out the Eagle in case other sites got very strong current .. I'm sure guys from Horizon knows about it.. That was always my plan B when I didn't feel like being a flag on the line during a deco :)
    Let me know closer to March and if my schedule allows me I may join you.

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    Re: Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

    I just got back today from Key Largo and I dove with Horizon the whole time.

    Horizon was awesome and our group will absolutely use them again. We are hard to please but once we are pleased we are extremely loyal and I would say that Horizon has won us over.

    As to wrecks - their captains know them, just call and ask. There are a few deeper wrecks but I dont remember their names. We spent a lot of time on the SG. Current on the Duane was way to strong and they moved to the SG twice due to it.

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    Re: Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

    Few weeks ago we have been diving Key West the Vandenberg with Captains Corner, only OC ;-( ...

    Was nice and save diving, but quite some current.

    With RB, in my opinion, not so easy to pull along lines, on bottom i wished to have my unit....


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    Re: Key Largo wreck recomendatiosn

    for deeper dives in Key Largo look at Northern Lights, Queen of Nassau, Vitric and Doc Millie- Horizon sometimes goes to these wrecks with enough divers

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