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Thread: Hammerhead Electronics Question SubGravity SG-1 vs JM Rev C+

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    Re: Hammerhead Electronics Question SubGravity SG-1 vs JM Rev C+

    I have been diving a HH equipped with 2 JM RevC+ for 150 hrs (not a ton, I know..) so far in various conditions (from cold water quarry diving upnorth to FL caves). While I know theres been a lot of talking about JM older stuff which I cannot speak about myself, I think they are still the way to go.

    The only problems I had with these were battery related. The day I quit buying cheap rebranded 18650s and got the real stuff (Panasonic NCR18650Bs), I solved my problems ever since.. And I think battery cells have a lot to do with peoples problems with JM electronics. Genuine18650s arent cheap and people tend to buy SureFire or UltraFire rebranded type of cells. These will get you in trouble for sure, with whatever device youre using them with...

    I have considered upgrading to a shearwater on the secondary myself but decided to renounce, here's why. In my opinion the main advantage about the RevC is the DIVA HUD. I personally think its one of the key safety features for I which I would choose a HH over another unit. Whatever youre doing, when your mouthpiece starts shaking in your mouth, it will get your attention instantly. So the DIVA is a BIG BIG plus. The other thing is, loosing a HUD and your solenoid at the same time sucks real bad, so its a good thing to have them independant.

    Now, people are right when saying the RevC is not the more convenient thing to read at especially when compared to a Shearwater. But most people have a standalone Petrel or Predator anyway.. I use my standalone Petrel to keep track of my depth and deco, only using my primary to control the solenoid. If you set them at the same GF, the deco will be almost identical between the two.. and I'm running manual.

    Thats why I think while the SG-1 electronics add way more bells and whistles in a more compact format, the DIVA is still a big plus in my opinion. Never tried the SG1 tough, they sure seem like really nice handsets. The pricetag has been the major downside for me at this point.

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    Re: Hammerhead Electronics Question SubGravity SG-1

    I have about 70 non training dives on the SG-1 and it hasn't had any problems. Battery life is better then expected. I run it full auto and after 5-6 long dives it doesn't drop below 70% charge. An update gave me a larger screen font so I don't need to line it up with my mask reader lens. It holds set point great. Only two issues with it that I don't care for. It turns on when the contacts get wet so I solve that by putting electric tape on the contacts (so I can dip the whole unit in a wash tank). Sub-Gravity feels strongly that wet contact switches are an important safety feature so it's not a bug. Also the Piezo buttons are top and bottom vs. side to side. That's super easy for scrolling and selecting but from time to time I accidentally push the the switch while trying to adjust the unit on my wrist. This puts me into a "switch to OC" mode screen. I still need to hit the top switch to actually do the OC switch but the "switch to OC" screen remains until I scroll out of it. I wish it just timed out if I don't make a conscious switch because scrolling out of this screen is a pain due to my eye sight limitations. Minor annoyances in a otherwise great controller. the screen looks really good and like I say, it holds set point - that's what i want it for. Overall really happy with the Defender.

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    Re: Hammerhead Electronics Question SubGravity SG-1 vs JM Rev C+

    only downside when you have a JM computer is the cost of upgrade...
    to switch to a SG-1... it's very very expensive

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