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Thread: rEvolutionary Dolphin

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    rEvolutionary Dolphin

    Finished this up with some help of a few folks and great products from Golem Gear, Narked@90, Addhelium, and Martin and TecMe

    Running a modified Drager to mCCR

    Backplate/wing from V4tec and OMS
    2x 13 cu ft tanks with Dil and O2

    Diluent (air at this time) is a Poseidon 3960 - runs the BCD inflater, Drager bypass/ADV and also to rEvo MAV for manual Diluent add/flush

    Oxygen is a sealed Apeks DS4 with Hammerhead plug - runs to an omni swivel that goes to the rEvo MAV and also connects to a Golem Gear leaky valve (there is a omniswivel shutoff before the leaky valve) - the O2 is disconnectable from the MAV via a quick disconnect

    The Bypass/ADV has the rEvo MAV ported directly to it and also the leaky valve running to a seperate adapter (all TecMe parts)

    I am using the Hollis Explorer BOV that I am going to run to a small tank off my back either a LP 27 or Aluminum 45 depending on the type of dive it may be - originally I planned to run to my Diluent tank but a 40 inch hose was barely long enough to run to BOV so I am using a 46 which can connect to the Diluent tank or to a seperate tank

    I have an Omniswivel with check valve on the offboard port of the MAV allowing me to add either O2 or also to port from additional back gas (hence the thought behind a 3rd tank on my back)

    I run a rEvo Dream P5 in the bag with the HUD on the BOV. I also have a single sensor to my Shearwater predator that I am cutting another P-Port into the bag.

    I use extendair cartridges - they seem to have a great WOB and make it pretty easy to travel, I also have the newer Drager Scrubber

    Changes I have thought about:
    1: running the leaky valve to the scrubber or removing the OPV in the exhale bag for a P-Port and extension to run the MAV and Leaky Valve into it
    2: Drilling out the head of the extendair and placing 3 sensors into it, can run to a Fischer cable and then have 2 in bag and 3 at the end of the scrubber for monitoring
    3: hose cleanup with cable wraps - still measuring and remeasuring hoses but once ideal lengths are found will move them all together
    4: going to an aluminum shell that has some additional room in it - I have the shell and I want a kickstand/stand to move things up but haven't figured it out, any suggestions are appreciated

    Any help on this is always appreciated. It's alot of fun talking with everyone here and learning this.

    Plenty of pool time on this before taking it to open water.
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    Re: rEvolutionary Dolphin

    Realy nice :D iam also diving a Dolphin, but will never be this good :)

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