Diving Galapagos is unlike diving anywhere else on the planet. I have had the privilege of diving all over the planet, Galapagos is still my favorite.

During my last open circuit SCUBA trip there, I was photographing hammerheads and was frustrated by the sound of my bubbles scaring them away. This frustration led to my pursuing Closed Circuit Rebreather diving.

Since my CCR certification, I have had the opportunity to become certified in full trimix, cave diving and have explored shipwrecks I thought I would never see.

I love all of these, but my all time favorite....Diving the Galapagos Islands on CCR. Simply put, it is AWESOME!!!! If you are certified in CCR diving, this should be on your must-do list. From up-close schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, Galapagos, white tip, black tip, and occasional tiger sharks, there are huge schools of game and tropical fish, pods of dolphins, eagle rays, and giant manta. Then there are the unusual, as if the other pelagics aren't enough...marine iguanas, penguins, I have even seen orca while diving there.

There is only one operator to consider using; Jorge A. Mahauad and Galapagos Rebreathers. Jorge runs an impeccable trip, supplying all of the necessary CCR accessories. He runs a bi-annual trip. It's the trip of a lifetime. I will be returning in 2017.