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Thread: SF Bay area - Monterey 'rebreather freindlies'

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    SF Bay area - Monterey 'rebreather freindlies'

    Hi - i'll soon be hanging my hat in the SF Bay area for a while and want to know
    if anyone can recommend rebreather friendly shops where a person might get Sorb, O2 & dil fills and such .
    also boats that wont be pannicked with the addition of a rebreather diver ?
    any hints would be useful

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    New Rebreather Diver RoyJN is an unknown quantity at this point RoyJN's Avatar
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    Re: SF Bay area - Monterey 'rebreather freindlies'

    Hi Marc, most of the dive boats will cater to rebreather divers just fine. As for dil and o2 fills, a shop in San Jose called Anywater can fill up just about whatever fills you want. Also for Monterey location, a store that is actually a Hollis store called Breakwater Scuba can do the same for you. For sorbs, that is a little bit of a problem because most stores don't have sorbs because there are hardly any rebreather divers in the Bay Area. Breakwater scuba used to sell sorbs by the amount, they may do so you might want to check it out. Most of us rebreather divers buy the sorbs from Addhelium. If you need some more information or want to see some more rebreather divers, just give me a PM. Otherwise welcome to the Bay Area.

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    Re: SF Bay area - Monterey 'rebreather freindlies'

    Hi Marc,

    Welcome to the Bay Area, arguably one of the best places to live and dive! Bamboo Reef in Monterey is another option for fills. Friendly competent staff. Like RoyJN, I purchase most of my parts/sorb online.

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    Re: SF Bay area - Monterey 'rebreather freindlies'

    Just got back from a Monterey trip. +1 for Roy's suggestion for Breakwater. It is a Hollis shop, they sell fills off the bottle, no boost. They carry intersorb 812 at $20 a fill.

    Aquarius II will fill oxygen as well, also not boosted. No sorb there.

    Silver Prince was fine with me joining on CC. Water was in the high 50s to mid 60s and sea hares e'rwhere.

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