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Thread: Oxygen Sensor Calibration box

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    Oxygen Sensor Calibration box

    While cleaning up garage and some boxes I found (besides of the Ray...) one of my old "high end ppO2 displays", something from a time prior to O2 cell reading nice wrist computers.

    Anyway, this display is not just reading up to three cells showing simple ppO2, it is also connected to a depth sensor, which was integrated in the cell house. As I was lazy and liked always to see the FO2 ....also I was able to verify under and over pressure "in digital quality" (lol)
    Further more it has a SD card integrated and can store the data (time,depth, ppo2) of each sensor in a 1sec interval.

    So I thought, there must be something where it can be reused....too nice for just lying around ...and the idea was to make a very simple O2 sensor pressure pot for testing/checking the linearity/behaviour of cells.

    So this time I made a "Black Pot"
    - a simple box which can hold up to 3 cells
    - adjustable (1-4 bar) OP valve
    - needle valve , a model which allows a FULL closed (!!) option and is fine adjustable
    - a flushing opening/closing to ensure box is completely filled with the desired gas

    The SD card seems not to work anymore after all these years...sh ...., the card itself seems to be fine, something on the slot is not OK.
    I think I will do some new electronics (in the winter) to store the data somehow for better analysis and visualization ......



    Anyway, by now, as you see in the video, I can at least visually check and view the behavior of cells over a period of time and pressure....

    --in the video the OP valve is adjusted that it opens at around 2.3 bar..then when needle valve is closed it falls down to around 1,7. and is then fully closed.
    --It can be adjusted higher..but I do not see the need by now...
    --once it is closed..it holds the pressure long time....
    --seen is that sensor one is "ok" but not reacting fine...this is one older cell I placed in....

    At the end an air flush to clean box and come back to 0.21 ......

    Here just some small pics, but better to have a look on the video if someone is interested in this new gimmick
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