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Thread: GOING CCR WITH ADD HELIUM and special thanks to "Ken Wesler"

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    GOING CCR WITH ADD HELIUM and special thanks to "Ken Wesler"

    Hey guys! I'm starting this thread to praise a highly reputable shop that most of you already know about. The shop is Add Helium owned by Peter Sotis. I've been on oc tec for a while now and finally decided it was time to cross over to the "dark side". Why wouldent we want extremly longer bottom timesin most cases the same deco obligation as oc diver with a much shorter bottom time. Anyway this is not about explaining rebreathers. This is about why I chose Add Helium. I'm 26 years old, married for 6 of those years, have a 17 month old baby girl, and a wife that stays home and watchers her. With that being said paying all the bills is all on me and I don't mind. But you can imagine there is not a lot of extra money.
    This is where I came to the conclusion that the only way I can get into ccr is to buy used. Now buying used anything is kind of scary. Buying used life support (ccr) is a whole another world of scary. Where would someone go to buy a trusted rebreather. I chose "Add Helium". I dive with ccr guys and oc guys. The ccr guy I happen to dive with knows the industry more then any other person I know. In my eyes he's a diving legends. He's made center folds of diving magazines and has done dives on the "Andria Doria" and many other deep wrecks. When I meantioned buying a ccr from add helium and Peter sotis he said to go for it. He said they are extremely reputable and that Peter is a damn good diver and instructor! That's all I needed to here out of his mouth! I was sold!
    The following morning I contacted "Peter Sotis". I told him I was ready to buy a used u it from him and he told me he had the perfect unit for me. His instructor had just purchased the new Meg15. His previous unit was a Meg standard can upgraded last year to a 2.7 with brand new electronics and a refurbished head. It was a no brainier and I jumped on the awesome deal. We then talked about training. I'm going to be doing my ccr course with Peter mid summer next year. Peter is going to store my unit at his shop until I arrive for the training. Peter has been great and we were texting back and fourth for the first few days until I sent the check out to him. Bottom line is you wouldent expect such a huge operation as "Add Helium" to have the owner be so one on one with his clients. It's a great feeling to say the least.
    This takes me to another person on the Add Helium team. His name is "Ken Wesler" and he is the customer service manager. He couldn't have such a perfect title. Honestly it's people like Ken that make a company what it is! Ok let's put it like this. I know that I can be a real pain in the ass when buying things. I ask a million questions and for a lot of people it's hard to tolerate. If I was on the other end of the phone I'd tell me
    To F*** OFF! . With that being said I started asking questions which led into more questions and so on.... Bottom line is that Ken is more then patient. He will answer every question you have with the fastest response times I have ever seen. And if Ken cannot answer your questions right away he will ask someone who knows or he will dig deep until he finds the answer. The man is more then committed to his job! Another thing about Ken is it dosent matter what time it is or what day it is. He somehow finds the time to answer back right away even if it's just to tell you he will get back to you when the office is open. But Ken is not all about business which is also great. While you deal with Ken it is also on a personal level. He is more then kind and he loves talking about his passion which is off course diving. He makes you feel good about talking to him. He makes you feel like you've known him for years! That's a great thing when it comes to customer service. As he has said once to me " Chris this is not about selling you a rebreather, this is about keeping you a happy customer for life". And I can tell you this. With people like this, they will never have a dis satisfied customer ever! Thanks Ken for answering all of my questions and making me feel 100 percent comfortable with my experience about buying and training with "Add Helium"!

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    Re: GOING CCR WITH ADD HELIUM and special thanks to "Ken Wesler"

    +1 On Add Helium Peter and all the staff are top notch. Peter is the ultimate professional. You will be extremely please now and post purchase and training. Shout out to Emilie, Ken, Oliver and Robert.

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