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In addition, poor management of true Optimal loop volume leads to overweighting, poor posture and poor buoyancy control. The number one reason many rebreather divers complain of never having the buoyancy control they had with OC is due to poor Loop volume, which leads to adding too much weight to counter the additional loop volume which narrows their available neutral buoyancy range. They usually dive head high and feet low. Its clearly obvious and could be easily fixed.
Hi, just a couple of questions about your observations here...

Do you think that the general largeness of many CCR counterlungs is contributing to this issue? Should manufacturers aim for a smaller "default" or target size?

I know many CCR divers who obsess about using as little dil as possible. Think that contributes to sub-optimal loop volumes? (suboptimal from a CO2 perspective) Could we all learn to chill on dil consumption a bit more and do better on CO2 non-retention?