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Thread: Henric, Sweden

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    Henric, Sweden

    Hello, Henric here from Sweden,

    4years in the Swedish military, and 5years in the Danish military.
    Combat diver, and alot of other specialitys.
    Now retireed and working a civilian life as a Department head at a large company in Sweden.
    Closing in on 3500 dives. I started diving in 2001, iam allso a commecial diver and have done saturation diving and so on.
    But this days i just dive for fun. and i belive at all this plastic cards you can collect as a civilian is bull shit, a course to get dry suit or nitrox certified? just another way to get some money out of ppl...
    When i left the military i dident have any civilian certifaction, but i hade over 2500 loged dives. and the dive center dident want to fill air for me becus i dident have a plastic card....

    And yes one more thing, Hello to every one :D

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    Re: Henric, Sweden

    Henric, I am with you about the plastic!!! been cirt. commercial since 1980 and the only card I have is the first NAUI card from 1978. Went to take my son on his first shallow wreak dive and the kid running the boat said I could not make the dive because I did not have an open water cirt. and he had never seen a card like mine (it must be fake)... Talked to owner of shop and showed card copy of commercial cirt. -w- mixed gas. nooo problem. It is all about the money but I guess they need to make money too. Just don't be greedy... It turns a lot of people off on the sport.

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