Hello everyone,

I know I am planning a long time ahead

I wish to go on a rebreather-only dive trip in the red sea (Egypt more specifically)

What: liveaboard dive cruise for 24 rebreather divers. Dive operator to be confirmed but Blue O Two is interested to organize this for us. If you have other serious operators in mind that would be willing to do such a thing, feel free to suggest. The plan would be 2 to 3 dives a day, 2 hours each.

When: fall 2016, probably in October

Where: south of Egypt, on Brothers and Daedalus

Why: I did a nice liveaboard last year but 4 one-hour dives per day is a hassle in terms of pre/post dive things to do. In addition I would love to go to sites far south in order to avoid crowded areas and have something organized "tailor-made" for rebreather divers.

Who: anyone diving a rebreather (either CCR or SCR). I personnally enjoy long dives to look at marine life at limited depth, but there will be options for deeper technical diving enthusiasts.

So here is the question: who would be interested?
If we quickly reach the 24 people limit, then bingo! We can start this whole thing


PS: for those wondering, I have no interest in any particular dive operator and I am not looking for any incentive in organizing such a trip. I am just looking for a full boat of rebreather buddies