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Thread: PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader released

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    Lightbulb PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader released

    Added water salinity parameter and hyperbaric centers finder utility
    and support for Shearwater Predator, Petrel and Petrel2 dive computers with
    Shearwater Downloader app.









    Android versions on Play Store
    iOS versions on App StPastore
    Windows and OSX versions on http://pastodeco.antoniopastorelli.com

    Sherawater Downloader: on Play Store

    Multi platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android Phones and
    Multi deco model: Buhlmann GF ZH-L16A, ZH-L16B, ZH-L16C, VPM-B, VPM-B/GFS
    Multi gas: Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, HeliAir, Triox
    Multi circuit: OC Open circuit, CCR Closed circuit rebreather, mixed ( CC + OC )
    Repetitives dives: Unlimited repetitives dive with customizables surface intervals and
    surface breathing gases.
    METRIC and IMPERIAL units systems
    Multi language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Greek,
    Customizations: Air breaks, bailout profiles, lost gas profiles, contingency plannings,
    Altitude dives, Last stop depth, stops intervals depending on depth, variables
    ascent/descent speeds, tank switch time, variable setpoint depending on depth, water
    Utilities: Send/receive/backup settings on the cloud, email dive plan sending,
    screenshots, Step-by-step control of gas consumption, PpO2 and CNS%, map of hyperbaric
    Charts with both Buhlmann and VPM profiles, eventually with real profile downloaded from
    a Shearwater dive Computer, Interactive tissues load chart, Save/load plans

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    PastoDeco Desktop special offer

    PastoDeco© Pro desktop ( Windows or Mac OSX ) at only 5,99€ ( instead of 19,99€ ) for those who already have a mobile pro version.
    Just download the latest free desktop version on:
    and upgrade to pro version ( proof of mibole purchase required )

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    Re: PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader released

    Aren't the units for these salinity numbers "permill" (or PPT) rather than ppm?

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    Re: PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader released

    Quote Originally Posted by MadUKDiver  View Original Post
    Aren't the units for these salinity numbers "permill" (or PPT) rather than ppm?
    Yes. it'a a typing mistake.

    PPT are parts per thousand and PPM parts per million; the scale is different, but the principle is the same.

    1 ppt = 1000 ppm

    So units displayed are ppt.

    Anyway I put a slider selection system with descriptions ( Baltic sea, Red sea ... ): to avoid confusions.

    I will correct it in the next release.
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    Re: PastoDeco 3.1 and Shearwater Downloader released

    ... and of course, thank you for reporting this mistake.

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    Re: PastoDeco 3.2.3 released

    Version 3.2.3 is now available.

    Added Deep stops, Chinese language and some minors improvements

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