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Thread: Poseidon se7en assembly design flaw

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    Poseidon se7en assembly design flaw

    hi all
    I'm new to the rebreather world but am enjoying life with my se7en. A recent Red Sea liveaboard was a real experience ,especially the 2 hour dive on the Thistlegorm However, I have noticed how difficult it is to tighten up one of the e-module screws due to its close proximity to the new style handle that the se7en has compared to the MK6. Unless you have needle like fingers it is really tough to get it tight , it's definitely a two handed operation, followed by a final 'nudge' with the screwdriver ( yes I know they are meant to be hand tight but its not easy to do). Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so have you found a workaround? Poseidon tell me that the 2015 version of the se7en will have a new design handle but there is no retro fit option for pre 2015 models coming up soon, in my view this is a basic design flaw which should have been identified early on but in any event I will work with it as it is until something better becomes available. Any suggestions for a work around? Cheers in advance

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    Re: Poseidon se7en assembly design flaw

    It is a pain, but there is no work around until the "revised" handle comes out.

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