Can anyone give me a list or rundown of where to get my azimuth serviced and tanks to rent or buy if necessary? I am going there on the 27th of feb for a month and want to dive my azimuth in warmer water.

I can always get the service done here but its really all mares parts so any capable dive shop should be able to do the basics. Tanks are the big issue it seems. My tanks are toast and are not AUS approved so I need some that will fit my azi.

Any azi divers in AUS that would share some tanks for a cash deposit and a rental fee? Maybe some bundaberg rum and a case of beer thrown in?

Offer also applies to any dive shop!

I need tanks comparable to these ones
LP-27 (Faber 4L)
Pressure (psi) 2640
Height (Inches) 14.43
Diameter (inches) 5.46
Weight (pounds) 11.7

Or similar in dimensions that can take std DIN valves. If similar tanks cannot be found. I will have to mount a tank on either side and get your company or another company locally or internationally to put mounting brackets on it to fit side tanks.