A few spaces available diving some of the classics around Malin Head, Donegal, from the 25-30th July 2015, with Mevagh diving. Diving from the hard boat Laura Dean, very comfortable diving platform complete with diver lift. The boat has a capacity for 12 divers, but spaces for this trip will be limited to 10. Plan is to dive wrecks in the 60-85m range e.g. Audacious, Viknor, Justicia, any one of the uboats etc. Cost of the boat (540euro per day) will be split evenly. If the diving is anything like this year we're in for a cracker, we had 20-35m viz and flat calm seas for the entire week. This being the North Atlantic you got to role the die with the weather. PM me if interested. Few pictures for this year below.

U89, WWI u-boat 20 miles off Malin Head

RMS Justicia

Empire Heritage