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Thread: CAVE - Buca della Renara

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    CAVE - Buca della Renara

    From Lorenzo Del Veneziano FB page:

    In these weeks continues the exploration of the cave “Buca della Renara”, near Massa, Italy. On December 27, we shot some pictures in high definition.
    It is a cave discovered in the sixties, about 80 meters long and with an important flooded area. The exploration is carried out mainly by Roberto Liguori, Alessandro Muttini and Lorenzo Gatti.
    For now, my job was just to film their work. In the last dive the hardest part was undoubtedly bring into the cave the big HD camera; we entered at 10.30 in the morning with the sun, and we came out at 5 pm with the snow!
    The temperatures are dropping, and with the arrival of the cold, exploration will continue, the results will be presented at EUDI (European Dive Show, Italy). Congratulations to Roberto Liguori, Alessandro Muttini, Lorenzo Gatti, Elena D'Amico and Davide De Marco for the excellent work they are doing.
    Lorenzo Del Veneziano


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    Re: CAVE - Buca della Renara

    Beautiful! Would love to see some video of that.

    How much cave has been found so far?

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    Re: CAVE - Buca della Renara

    Great photos

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