Aloha Inspiration CCR List and other interested parties:

On the evening of Tuesday May 23, the main components of an
Inspiration Vision CCR were stolen from a University of Hawaii
research project in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. The unit had been
disassembled to be cleaned and packed for transport, and the theft was
a "snatch-and-grab", probably by someone not familiar with rebreathers
since major components were not taken and the unit cannot be dived
without replacing missing parts. Taken was the Lower half of the
case, with attached Vision electronics, Apeks regulators, counter
lungs (Size Medium), ADV, APD harness (Size Medium) and BC wing
(16Kg). NOT taken were all loop hoses (including the DSV), on-board
cylinders, CO2 canister and canister cartridge.

Note, this rebreather was on loan to UHDSP-HURL from NOAA, and is US
Government property. As such, in addition to the Maui Police
Department, the theft was reported to and is being investigated by the
Honolulu and Maui Offices of the FBI. Prosecution of involved parties
in the theft, unauthorized possession or subsequent illegal sale of
this unit or components thereof will be prosecuted under both State
and Federal statute. As of today the FBI has provided a description
(including boot-up screen owner's ID) and example photos to TSA
baggage screeners at Maui and Honolulu airports, directing them to
investigate Inspiration rebreather components matching the
description found in checked or hand-carried luggage. If you are
traveling with your Inspiration Vision through Hawaii airports in the
near future, be prepared to discuss this and document ownership of
your unit if asked (and my apologies for the inconvenience if it occurs).

Please contact me if you become aware of any person looking to buy
significant replacement parts to complete an Inspiration, or you see
suspicious offers to sell Inspiration Vision electronics or other
parts on electronic bulletin boards, Craiglist, E-Bay, etc.,
originating from the Hawaii area. The Vision Electronics show the
following in the "Owner's" space during boot-up: "UHDSP-HURL 2"
(translation: Unit 2 of the University of Hawaii Diving Safety
Program, Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory). A large yellow number
"2" was also painted on the head of the Vision electronics.

Feel free to cross-post this to other rebreather and technical diving
email lists.

Aloha, Dave

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