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Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 7:56 PM
Subject: Stolen Inspiration Vision in Maui, Hawaii

> Aloha Inspiration CCR List and other interested parties:
> On the evening of Tuesday May 23, the main components of an
> Inspiration Vision CCR were stolen from a University of Hawaii
> research project in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. The unit had been
> disassembled to be cleaned and packed for transport, and the theft
> was a "snatch-and-grab", probably by someone not familiar with
> rebreathers since major components were not taken and the unit cannot
> be dived without replacing missing parts. Taken was the Lower half
> of the case, with attached Vision electronics, Apeks regulators,
> counter lungs (Size Medium), ADV, APD harness (Size Medium) and BC
> wing (16Kg). NOT taken were all loop hoses (including the DSV),
> on-board cylinders, CO2 canister and canister cartridge.
> Note, this rebreather was on loan to UHDSP-HURL from NOAA, and is US
> Government property. As such, in addition to the Maui Police
> Department, the theft was reported to and is being investigated by
> the Honolulu and Maui Offices of the FBI. Prosecution of involved
> parties in the theft, unauthorized possession or subsequent illegal
> sale of this unit or components thereof will be prosecuted under both
> State and Federal statute. As of today the FBI has provided a
> description (including boot-up screen owner's ID) and example photos
> to TSA baggage screeners at Maui and Honolulu airports, directing
> them to investigate Inspiration rebreather components matching the
> description found in checked or hand-carried luggage. If you are
> traveling with your Inspiration Vision through Hawaii airports in the
> near future, be prepared to discuss this and document ownership of
> your unit if asked (and my apologies for the inconvenience if it occurs).
> Please contact me if you become aware of any person looking to buy
> significant replacement parts to complete an Inspiration, or you see
> suspicious offers to sell Inspiration Vision electronics or other
> parts on electronic bulletin boards, Craiglist, E-Bay, etc.,
> originating from the Hawaii area. The Vision Electronics show the
> following in the "Owner's" space during boot-up: "UHDSP-HURL 2"
> (translation: Unit 2 of the University of Hawaii Diving Safety
> Program, Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory). A large yellow number
> "2" was also painted on the head of the Vision electronics.
> Feel free to cross-post this to other rebreather and technical diving
> email lists.
> Aloha, Dave
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