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How do you get over the problem of having to ascend the first 10m quickly to avoid rehooking the wreck?

We use the same method in the UK to hook the wreck and then reel off and back to the anchor, last team brings up the hook but I am a bit worried about Hyperoxia on ascent due to the fast first 10
I don't really think Hyperoxia in the first 10m is much of an issue. Do you meen Hypoxia due to dropping PP02? If so this isnt much of an issue either. However I can tell you you have more chance of platting fog than you do of pulling the grapnel out at the end of an average UK dive.

its got 30-70m of line a big buoy and up to a dozen divers hanging off it in the current. If its in its staying in.

Generally they use 20kg weights as shots but if they use an anchor they attach a lift bag to it and the first lot down tie in the chain to a waster free the anchor and inflate the lift bag the anchor is now floating above the wreck so when the waster is snapped the anchor floats to the surface.

This works well but its not popular with the divers as its a lot of work for the first pair in.


Mark Chase