The Subsurface developer team (Subsurface | An open source divelog) is
working on adding PSCR functionalities to the integrated diving

To put it simply it will adjust your deco plan based on the calculated
ppO2 and gas comsumption.

The developers are looking for real data from existing deco dives to have
something to empirically verify the calculations against.
This message is aimed at anyone who dives with a ppO2 monitoring dive
computer that logs your ppO2. It would be great to get a log file of
many different such dives. Annotate it with all the usuals, gas,
cylinder-sizes, start/end pressure and rebreather type, "bladder"-volume
and exchange ratio.
Dives can be made anonymous: developers need only the above data.

You can submit you profiles on the Subsurface Google group:

User Forum | Subsurface

where, of course you can contribute with you idea too.

Alternatively you can contact me via PM

We can find a way to import your dives.

Subsurface is an open source divelog program that runs on Windows, Mac
and Linux. It already supports a huge list of dive computers:

Supported Dive Computers | Subsurface

Thank you in advance