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Thread: Rebreather travel insurance

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    Rebreather travel insurance

    Just thinking about insurance for my rebreather, after working hard to get it and the trip, thinking about getting coverage by insurance, have DAN Asia Pacific but it not covers accident and not equipment, and most other limit insurance to $4000aud.

    As Australian resident can't use the dive assure, just wish to ask who. Other Aussies use out there that will cover >$4000 rebreather. Replacement would be $10000 plus freight to Australia for the JJ-CCR.


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    Re: Rebreather travel insurance


    I'm in the same boat (unfortunately!). Prevailing wisdom from other forums seems to be to include as "specified extras" or portable extras" on your home and contents insurance. However, my own home insurance (Suncorp) only covers for loss away from the insured address in Australia or NZ. Soooooo, I then started to look thru other Home & Contents PDS's and find that Suncorp is not alone. In fact, I haven't yet found one that will cover loss outside Oz and NZ. Not good enough for me, plus I didn't really want to change my home insurance for a CCR.

    Next I have recently reviewed over 15 PDS's (yes I need to get a life) for travel insurance and can report that most are not suitable for CCR's for one reason or another. There are many exclusions and nasty traps in the fine print. I suspect many people think they are covered when that is far from the truth!

    Typically those that do allow "specified baggage" above the default limit of around $1K for sporting goods (and many don't), place a monetary limit of around $5K for total baggage. No bloody good for a decent CCR.

    So far the best I have come up with is QBE travel insurance. In particular, with the Premier Plus Extras, Annual Multi Trip and Australian Plus Travel Plans you can specify each item up to a maximum of $6,000 with the total of all items being no greater than $15,000. Much better than all other policies I have reviewed so far. You can simply list JJ-head $5K, bits $4K and bits 2 at $4K, etc to get the cover needed up to $15K for worldwide loss.

    Catch is the price. 4 % of the sum insured.

    I'm still looking for a better deal but there are very few policies that actually cover for loss outside OZ & NZ up to the amount needed to fully cover a CCR like a JJ.

    If you find something better, pls post.

    Also, word of advice - most policies require either a written receipt of purchase or a valuation within 12 months to make a claim. I would also take photos and READ THE FINE PRINT.


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