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Thread: how to jump in....

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    how to jump in....

    I posted this somewhere and was advised that I should be here too so for any of you for whom this is duplicate, my apologies.

    When I read this forums and see the "which one should I get?" threads, I run for the hills.
    So, which one should I get?

    I did a rEvo class back in December but didn't do any diving. The local dive shop ran a great show and I tried 3 more units: Optima, Meg, and Titan.
    rEvo: breathing was not the easiest. very easy to setup and break down. very "popular" unit (many of my buddies, friends, and others are diving this unit.) US distributor was my local show for a while. I know and trust them.
    Titan: very compact, light, nice fitting unit. Also not the easiest to breathe. I only spent a few minutes on this unit.
    Meg: Tom Mount's unit....much easier to breathe than the first two, many of my buddies, friends, and others are diving this unit,) many of the expeditions have Megs on the team.
    Optima: many out there, primarily due to Dive Rite's name. However, it *seems* that this is not a popular unit. The cool kids dive the rEvo, the Meg, or the JJ. This was, by far, the easiest to breathe and I felt in great trim (an instructor also commented that it looked good.) It seems like a very simple system and the cartridges, while much more expensive, seem quite handy.

    I ran into a RB instructor with an excellent reputation who said to also look at the Hammerhead. I'm only hesitant primarily for the electronics.
    Obviously, there's a lot missing in the way of configuring the units to me, etc, etc. I've done a bit of reading and now I've tried a few.
    I'm not really asking which one to buy. I'm asking how to decide. Additionally, I'm asking why not the Optima. I've RTFM'd and the sites but I'm trying to pull it all together. I dive 99.9% caves, live in High Springs, and plan to start some longer duration dives. I will never be an 8-hour cave diver but 4-5 is possible. I've done a couple on OC and could see that happening more.

    I prefer not to start a religious war and I know that, to some degree, it's inevitable but please, if you can, I'd love the feedback to be about the questions asked rather than whose is bigger.
    thanks everyone!

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    Re: how to jump in....

    This should answer some of your questions!!

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