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Thread: Aquatica 550d/t2i Setup with Wahoo Hd Monitor +Body and Lenses

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    Aquatica 550d/t2i Setup with Wahoo Hd Monitor +Body and Lenses

    I would love to sale this photo/video set based on Aquatica, Canon and Wahoo.

    Whats in the box:
    1) Aquatica t2i/550d housing for Canon DSLR: Aquatica Digital - Featuring an extensive line of underwater housings for Nikon and Canon digital cameras
    2) 8 inch dome port with Shade Cover, plus two neopren covers – small and big.
    3) Port extension rings for Tokina 11-16 and Tokina 10-17. Two best lenses for UW use in small frame DSLR.
    Rings products numbers in Aquatica are: 18453 i 18456. They fit more than those two lenses, just check the chart: http://aquatica.ca/en/charts/canon_type_2.pdf

    4) Underwater housing for Wahoo HD Monitor from Backscatter: Wahoo HD Underwater Monitor Housing for Sony CLM-V55 Monitor
    The screen is conected via HDMI port. Inside the housing is the Sony external monitor.
    It comes with everything that was in the set plus more: 3 batteries!! shade cover, cable, charger, bag ets.

    5) Tokina 10-17mm f3.5 – best fish eye on the market for that type of camera – it is not on the picture, but it comes with the set!
    6) Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 - best wide angle lens.
    7) Body Canon 550d – I`m taking this pictures with it.

    Everything is in perfect condition except the camera body, as I was using it on regular basis. So It works like new, but not looks like new :)

    The underwater setup is in superb condition!
    The set was about 20-30 times in water.

    I bought it in 2012. Only one thing was changed, one housing lock was replaced with new one. This is only thing differnet from the new one. there are some scratech here and there on monitor housing and on camera housng but only in terms of estetics.

    Lenses are 100% clear, monitor screen is 100% clear, dome port is 100% clear!

    I will also send You everythnig that I have, spare orings, silicon, dome port polishing paste, etc..

    If You pair the dslr with Magic Lantern Magic Lantern | Home you get an excellent setup.

    Will ship it from Warsaw Poland.
    Contact me please: +48 886 886 557. I speak Polish, English and Italian.

    Price: 2200 EUR

    Go to my website: Nurkowanie Filmy Podwodne | Piotr Kardasz Nurkowanie i Filmowanie to see what I`ve used it for and what You can do with it.

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    Re: Aquatica 550d/t2i Setup with Wahoo Hd Monitor +Body and Lenses

    Has this been sold?

    I am interested in the housing, ports and dome, not so much in camera and lenses and all the extra...

    WOuld you be willing to see parts of the package?

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    Re: Aquatica 550d/t2i Setup with Wahoo Hd Monitor +Body and Lenses

    It has, I reached out to the OP and few months back on the monitor to find out it had already been spoken for.

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    Re: Aquatica 550d/t2i Setup with Wahoo Hd Monitor +Body and Lenses

    Actually, the items are still up for sale. I used it once since posting that thread, but there was a pretty good opportunity to do so: http://www.orpkujawiak.com/en :)

    If you want the housing+wahoo+dome+extentions -camera-lenses i`m more than happy to do it.
    just e-mail me please: piotr(email)kardasz.net
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