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Thread: Pompano FL Diving July 4th Week 2014

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    Pompano FL Diving July 4th Week 2014

    Eric and I ventured down to Pompano Beach FL for 7 days of diving over the 4th of July week with Pompano Dive Center. Dive shop, captain, and crew rocked all week. We had nice weather, calm seas, and great diving. Current of course was up and down. More up than down! Some pictures below from some of the days (camera didn't make it in the water every day due to currents).
    After the long drive down (14 hours which turned into 15 due to a pile up on 95), we had our 1st dive on Sat 6/28. Nice wreck dive followed by a drift reef dive.
    Sunday we were excited to be heading to the Hydro. I was all ready for this dive until I heard that the ball was at ~50ft under the water tied into the wreck. Yes, current was shall we say a little strong. After wavering a bit, I decided to give this a good old college try and go for the hot drop with the rest of the group (Tony, Kim, Terri, Eric, and myself). Made it to the wreck, just barely, grabbed the side and pulled my way into the cargo hold. That was quite a ride! Somehow Eric and I 'landed' on the wreck at about the same place. Tony, Kim, and Terri were in another cargo hold area. Eric and I completed our dive in that area and explored what areas we could get to until time to go. When it was time to go, boy was it time to go. We were whisked away very quickly once we popped out of the cargo area. It was quite the deco 'drift'. Anyway, when back on the boat, I hear that it was 4-5 knot current and Tony says "I've never seen it this strong". AWESOME!
    Mon-Thurs were very nice wreck dives, either technical dive or Pompano had setup some double dips so we could do one long dive. Had a few other CCR divers on the boat for a couple of these days.
    Friday, we joined Add Helium's wreck trek dive for the 4th. It was AMAZING! Terrific weather, great visibility, barely any current, and got to spend time with fellow divers and friends from Florida - Tony, Kim, Terri, Jeff, Danielle, James, Emilie, Henry, Don, and Isabel plus many others on the dive. After about 2 hours in the water seeing 3 wrecks (plus a 4th little boat we found at the end of a rope) we surfaced to hear "we couldn't have had better conditions". Much prefer hearing this than what we heard when our week started with the Hydro! Couldn't have been a better end to the week.
    Eric and I missed the BBQ and instead loaded the truck with all the gear to start the long drive back North to Virginia.

    A few pictures from our dives...
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    Kristi Cunningham

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    Re: Pompano FL Diving July 4th Week 2014

    Wonderful. I especially appreciate the black and white images and the eel attacking the lion fish.

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