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Thread: Loop volume control with oronasal FFM

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    Re: Loop volume control with oronasal FFM

    Yer prob, only realy used mine on o/c where it was set up with positive pressure, i did convert to CCR and added bov but never bothered diving it.

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    Re: Loop volume control with oronasal FFM

    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal74  View Original Post
    Thanks for the link, kwinter.

    The reason why I asked for venting without using the OPV is because the usage would be for my son who has a very limited hands mobility.
    He is tetraplegic following an accident 9 month back and he dived my good old inspo classic (with BOV) before the accident.
    We are just going back to the lake after few months of pool training in OC.
    We just did the first trial of donning and dofing the rebreather last week-end, staying after on surface and breathing from the rebreather .
    All OK, he can even manage a dil flush. Anyway, still a long way to go...
    For him it is much easier to vent by exhaling through the nose or around the bite piece.
    Of course many things will have to be done for him by the small dive team around him while diving OC or CCR, but anything he will be able to achieve by himself is better.
    The reason why a FFM is considered is because of sensitivity to cold water and possibility to equalize without hands (OTS guardian would have been considered but switching the BOV from CC to OC each time venting is requested wouldn't be possible, opening the OPV should be possible but too complicated to achieve as a repeated movement).
    The panorama nova R would be the choice as far as venting is concerned because it is including a bite piece thus giving a possibility to vent through the nose, but the equalizing requests hands for what I see.
    Any people did a modification giving a possibility to equalize without hands?

    Thanks for your ideas and advises.
    I am diving with a dragger ffm and have no problem venting thru the top of the mask or thru the second reg plugged into the side via a p port you may be able to bend the wire nose clamps inside the mask to give you constant pressure on the nostrals but you would have problems then venting thru your nose you may also try bending the wire so you only have to push on the face of the mask to apply pressure to the nostrals for equalisation
    good luck sorting out a workable option

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