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Thread: Over pressure valve

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    Over pressure valve

    Hi Guys,

    I just changed m over pressure valve on my inspiration and now cannot get a good positive because it blows off. Apparently all the new valves are set with a much lower blow off point.

    Also went through 2 cells in as many weeks which is crap.

    Anyway just thought I would come on and say hello from Scotland

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    Re: Over pressure valve

    Hello 'thetruescott' - looking forward to independence from the evil southern overlords? Hope you will still let us visit

    I have one of the newer OPV's too - it doesn't seem to affect pos. tests though? I blow up the lungs till the OPV activates, then leave it, you can see it stay inflated quite happily, a bit less pressure than the old ones were but it still holds.

    No noticeable difference to my buddy's or instructor's older ones.

    If it doesn't hold pressure - that's another story..

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