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Thread: April - Cave incident in China

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    April - Cave incident in China

    Picked this via one of the HK Tech Diving groups.

    PS google did the translation....

    Missing time April 18 afternoon, a diving enthusiast in Duan county Chengjiang Heyuan head cave diving adventure. The six are all safe diving foreign experts, after two hours, in the underwater caves in the salvaged remains of missing persons. It is understood that the victims of diving enthusiasts Tao planned dive to a depth of 170 meters, in order to refresh the domestic cave diving depth record results underwater Chuxian killed.

      Diving experts said the accident was due to lack of experience of divers encounter unexpected situations caused panic, but said there is a big risk of cave diving, you need to constantly train and respond to a variety of underwater emergency situations

    Shenzhen divers planned record-breaking domestic Cave Diving

      Accident three diving enthusiasts from Shenzhen underwater exploration is a member of the club and Zhou Pei Wang Tao, as well as a richer experience than their dive team leader Wang Yuan.

      April 18 afternoon, Wei Yu Cheng Daxing Township when Chengjiang headwater after seeing three of them are on the shore, with some equipment ready to dive. Wei Yu Cheng approached the crowd and help them carry oxygen bottles.

      Chengjiang headwater live near a villager told the South China Morning Post reporter, three people in the 17th afternoon had moved some of diving equipment diving spots, and place them in the depths of tens of meters underwater, the next day ready Before diving, but also brought some other diving equipment.

      "They plan to break the national record dive, dive depth of 170 meters." Wei Yu Cheng said at the time, and another one with him onlookers masses are aware of this matter.

      An Tourist Board are involved in the investigation after confirmed three people do have this idea.

      In the afternoon, Wang Yuan and Wang Tao, after two young men ready to enter the cave began in Chengjiang headwater diving, slightly older Zhou Pei on the shore for them to do an emergency.

    Out of the situation, wanted to quickly escape underwater self-help

      After about half an hour the two men entered the cave, Zhou Pei began to dive into the water. Wang Yuan and Wang Tao in Chengjiang headwater dive 160 meters, they chose to backtrack. Since the underwater terrain, they began to slowly find a way out of the hole.

      To 90 meters from the surface of the water when they encountered a big problem, and that is being used oxygen bottles Tao no oxygen, due to the operational problems, and Wang Tao who was not able to successfully use another spare oxygen bottle. So far the king with his oxygen mask on, turns and Wang Tao oxygen.

      In the process of advancing upward, Wang Tao guide rope broke. Wang Yuan recalled the incident situation, said Wang Tao, suddenly became flustered, open propeller, want a quick escape from the water, and this step is the most deadly, a direct result of the death of Wang Tao.

      It is understood that, in the underwater diving, each advancing a distance need to stay decompression to avoid pressure changes caused by damage to the internal organs of the human body. Fast forward to see Wang Tao, Wang wanted to save him this far, but without success. Finally, Wang Tao missing in Chengjiang headwater underwater cave complex.

      Tao Wang Yuan also slightly injured because rescue, fortunately encountered on the way back Zhou Pei. Zhou Pei's help, the two men returned safely to the Chengjiang River shore.

    Foreign experts, dive rescue too late

      After Wang Yuan ashore, immediately call for help was on the local tourism bureau are safe Chengjiang headwater underground cave mapping terrain Frenchman Pierre and local police. Subsequently, the Government and the Tourism Bureau Duan also about the incident, the local authorities immediately convened a number of foreign experts are all diving safety, and to discuss the search for the missing Tao.

      19 am, rescue plan was finalized. On the 19th morning, six foreign experts rushed to the Chengjiang headwater diving, water search and rescue for the missing Tao preparation. Earlier, Duan personnel involved in search and rescue departments rushed to the scene waiting. 10:20, rescue workers began to dive into the water. To 13:00, Wang's body was found and pulled ashore.

      The first dive into the water search expert Ewa said Wang Tao, Wang Tao, he found in the inner wall of a cave underwater 51 meters, when the roof of the king's head with loss of consciousness, has been confirmed dead. Subsequently, Pierre also dive to find the remains of cave Wang Tao, remove his body and equipment, the rope tied to him, pulled out outside the cave. Other experts on the shore diving emergency, pull together the remains of the Tao ashore.

      Wang Yuan admitted to reporters that the authorities have not filed their diving activities to Duan, he said diving is not required to report to the government. In the morning, Wang Tao's relatives rushed to take care of things are safe.

    Experts warn: Do not bother to develop diving depth

      Has 18 years of diving experience and 16 years of experience in the French cave diving diving coach Pierre said the accident should be attributed to, due to lack of divers experience.

      Said Pierre, cave diving training and long-term accumulation of experience before they can dive down to a depth, and the depth of each must learn to deal with different emergency situations, because in every depth are unexpected situations different. Pierre said that his current diving depth is only 151 meters, is only in the last week are safe creation.

      "As you come across a snake, you immediately want to run away." Ewa said that from his observation, the oxygen is used up plus Tao guide rope missing, so he immediately fled to produce underwater idea, but this cave Diving is fatal. In the absence of pressure, the propeller quickly away from him underwater, eventually leading to the head hit the stone inside the cave.

      Domestic cave diving 162 meters record holder - the king of the world cave diving French 帕萨科 and world ice diving queen Finn Mia, in an interview with reporters, said each dive they did not bother to develop their own dive depth, but according to the actual situation and their ability to cave in, to decide whether to continue to dive.
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    Re: April - Cave incident in China

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