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Thread: Need advice from experienced cave explorers

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    Need advice from experienced cave explorers

    A friend and I dived a old abandoned gold mine shaft this weekend- South Africa. It is, what I think the ventilation shaft is, for a mine which were served by a inclined shaft about 400m away. The mine has been abandoned some 40 years ago and were obviously left to flood. We went down this 3m x 3m tunnel and got to a T junction at 12m depth, to the left a dead end and to the right (in the direction of the main shaft) the haulage continued . A lot of rubble and silt however blocked our path to a great extend. We did how ever managed to wiggle through. Only to find another obstruction………. A concrete wall that were build in the passage, 150mm thick. There is however a square hole casted into the wall, about 700mm x 700mm. To small to fit through with out silting the place out in the process. Not sure what the rock formation is but it appears to be sandstone with dark black chips in it. I would say there is about 30m of soil on top of us when we are at the wall.

    How dangerous will it be to brake the hole bigger? What methods can be used?
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