I'm looking for some advice and guidance.... I have been away from diving for approximately 10 - 12 years due to various circumstances not related to diving - divorce / new family / career changes etc.

I never really took a decision to stop, its just I never really had the chance or motivation and then before I knew it I hadn't been out for a year, then it was three years etc. I'm now in a position were I quite like the idea of picking it up again, maybe not to the extent I used to go out ie, every week or fortnight, but maybe pick and choose my dives.

Also when I stopped diving I had got to extended range (nitrox) and was dabbling with Trimix, in fact I had started an IANTD trimix course.

I'm not sure I want to go back to lugging large twinsets around and I would quite like to try a rebreather, possibly starting with a try dive or taster session, hopefully then a rebreather course. So my first question is do I need to start diving singles again before I go the rebreather route or as I read several times when I was heavily into diving, are there advantages in going straight into rebreathers without bad habits or the mindset of an open circuit diver?

I imagine as soon as I started again much of my previous training and knowledge would kick in again, do I really need to do more than one or two open circuit dives before jumping on a rebreather course.

the second question is which rebreather is the best option, I don't envisage going below 40m, certainly not 60m and only so deep if I really got the bug again and built up the dives. I realise there may be a lot of personal preference but have any manufacturers made significant improvements to rebreather safety.

Final question for now, when I was last into the sport seriously rebreathers had safety issues, a number of well documented deaths and question marks over safety. How far over the last 10 - 12 years has the technology developed and how safe are they for the average sport diver going no more than 40 / 45m???

I look forward to the responses