There are 3 remaining spots still open for a rebreather-only expedition to explore the S.S. "Aleutian" passenger steamer (built 1898, sank 1929) lying off Kodiak Island, Alaska. This magnificent, pristine wreck is 375 feet long and lies at a depth of 225' just a mile offshore. The trip is jointly organized by Andrew Driver of Blue Foot Diving and Alaska shipwreck explorer Steve Lloyd, who discovered the "Aleutian" in 2002.

The "Aleutian" was the flagship of the Alaska Steamship Company. She struck a pinnacle rock and sank in just seven minutes. The wreck is a time capsule that has been virtually untouched and unexplored for 85 years. Depth is 225 to the bottom, 170 to the top of the superstructure, 185 to the deck.

This is a land-based trip (not live-aboard) based out of a rustic, well-appointed wilderness lodge situated just one mile from the wreck. Due to the logistics of gas transport to this wild and remote location, the trip will consist of rebreather divers only. Dates are July 25 to August 8, 2014 (14 days, 13 nights). There is an opportunity to book less than the full two weeks. Price is $9,000 inclusive of transportation from Anchorage and includes gourmet dining. Gas & sorb at cost.

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