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Thread: Considering a rebreather need advice

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    Re: Considering a rebreather need advice

    probably got confused!!

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    Re: Considering a rebreather need advice

    I see no recent posts,but I thought I would share my O2ptima experience with the forum members.

    I have over 300 hours on my DR Optima. Certified in 2010 on the Rev C with the old larger CLs and smaller DSV. I upgraded the unit in 2011 and 2012 with the larger bore DSV (decreased WOB) and smaller yet totally sufficient counterlungs.

    I just upgraded from Rev C to the Shearwater Petrel. Cost around $3K including four new O2 sensors.

    Diving on the unit. Lots of dives in Hawaii from 3.5-hour reef dives to deep trimix dives. No issues with salt water. Soak, rinse and air dry. Fresh water diving experience includes about 50 cave dives in Florida from the Mill Pond dives in Marianna to Madison Blue, Peacock system and Ginnie Springs (including a sweet 3:45 dive in Ginnie).
    Nearly over breathed the unit trying to ingress The Lips but it was more my novice technique than the unit.

    Performed well last year in 40-degree Colorado lakes at 6,000' altitude. Discard EAC at 3 hours. (Pushed EAC to 5 hours in warm water.)

    Other dives include St Lawrence Seaway including 220' dives on Jodrey wreck and fast drifts. Unit performed perfectly.
    No cancelled dives due to the Optima. Zero. Use Ultrafire batteries in the Rev C. Reliable. Usual maintenance and religious pre-dive check reveal on-site diver capable fixes such as swapping out mushroom valves.
    Summary: DR O2ptima is tough as nails and performs.

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