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Thread: Duan Diving Week...!

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    Duan Diving Week...!


    even if it's a little far away, I can't resist to introduce you to the Duan Diving Week from 7 to 14 December 2013. This week will end by the first cave diving conference in China.

    This event is organized by Du'an Government, with my help. It marks the official birth of the first Chinese dive center, mainly for technical and cave diving. I was lucky to be selected to help Duan for this adventure. For less than a year, we are working hard to open the dive center before the end of December. The challenge seemed impossible but we are close to the end and in a few days, everything will be ready.

    On this occasion, the Du'an Government had invited some cave divers. They will discover this wonderful area, with exceptional potential. For seven days, the " lucky " will dive into the most Duan beautiful caves. At the end of this week, an inauguration day and a conference are organized. Each guest will present its explorations to Chinese divers and officials.

    Here is the list of the guest :

    Sebastian Lissarrague
    Leader of the first French expeditions team. Without him, nothing would ever happen. He is also the author of the world famous picture of the Ressel shaft.

    Nathalie Lasselin
    Canadian diver, explorer and instructor. And especially movies maker, specialized with underwater and caves films. She contributes with her work to the discovery and study of underground.

    Mia Pietikainen .
    Finnish diver, cave diving and rebreather instructor. She takes part in Plura cave exploration in Norway and at the famous Ojamo mine. She has conducted dives over 180 meters deep in water at 4 ° ... !

    Richard Harris
    Australian explorer, he participated with Creg Challen and the Wetmules team to large and great explorations in Australia and New Zealand. Suck like in Cocklebiddy cave and in Pearce resurgence .

    Curt Bowen
    Founder of AMD, Advance Diver Magazine, explorer, American photographer. He contributes with his high quality work to the discovery of the underground world. And also realise a great communication work.

    Pascal Bernabe
    Explorer, technical and cave diving instructor. Best known for his deep dives in caves or in sea. He is a true cave explorer. And of course well know for his record dive at 330 meters depth.

    Martyn Farr
    A true legend, prolific author of cave books, including the Bible, " the Darkness Beckons ". British explorer, instructor, he continued for several decades to study caves, all around the world.

    Pierre Eric Deseigne
    French explorer and instructor. He has more than 17 years of cave exploration. Specialist of difficult, deep and muddy caves. In 2012, he realise the deepest dive of China. He is also the author of several books and numerous articles.

    Of course we will not miss to share this event with you. A large area for cave diving, technical diving opens to the world , it is an exceptional event

    Best regards.

    pierre éric deseigne
    Instructeur CMAS TDI Full Cave Mixed Gas
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