The video of the ICCE 2013 is now released on you tube.

Internations Chinhoyi Caves Expedition 2013 - YouTube
">Internations Chinhoyi Caves Expedition 2013 - YouTube
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This is the first Phase of the exploration, mapping and study of the Chinhoyi sinkhole and cave system in Zimbabwe at 1200m of altitude, organized by expedition leader Glenn Campbell.
191mfw depth was reached after a 200m horizontal penetration into the unexplored realm of the cave.
The entry of the cave is at the bottom of the sinkhole at 85mfw.

The target was to determine depth and length of the cave and to put in place the scope of work of the second phase.
We were able to produce a 3D map of the system but it misses lots of details and measurements, the real purpose of it is to be a general visual representation of the sinkhole and cave system.
The target in the future is to get more information to complete the map.
The walls and ceiling of the cave were not seen nor reached by our "powerful" lights during the big push, this place is Huge beyond expectation!

We are planning the next expedition on the 2nd May 2015 focusing on the 85m to 140m area. It is only open to ccr divers with enough qualifications and experience for such dives.
If interested to join contact us at:

Hope you enjoy!