Come join the Add Helium Dive Team as we explore the Deep Blue Holes of Cay Sal aboard the M/V Spree. The trip departs Miami on the evening of August 11, 2014, and returns to port August 17, giving us 5 full diving days exploring Cay Salís remote dive sties.

Divers of all levels are welcome to join us, and diving to the depth limits of your certification is permitted. CaySalís Blue Holes allow for recreational divers to amuse themselves in shallow depths, while the technical divers venture into the depths below. Expedition divers are welcome to plan and conduct expedition level diving with prior approval of Captain Wasson and/or the Spree Diving Safety Officer.

The M/V Spree is a wonderful, clean, liveaboard dive vessel with comfortable accommodations for 24 divers, and 10 crewmembers. This trip will be limited to 12 divers. The Spree features a spacious dive deck, and a knowledgeable technical dive crew consisting of experienced rebreather divers and instructors.

The charter fee includes: food, beer and wine, 10/50 or 21/35 diluent fills, rebreather oxygen fills, and granular absorbent. Open circuit fills, including bailout gas, and crew gratuity are not included. Those who wish to engage in expedition level diving must bring, or arrange for the rental of their own diluent and bailout gasses ahead of time. Please let us know if you need assistance with this, or have any questions. Please remember all expedition-level dives (sub-330 feet) must be approved by the M/V Spree Captain prior to departure.

Open circuit divers of all levels are welcome to join us with complimentary sport nitrox mixes. Open-cirtcut helium breathing mixes, and open-circuit decompression gasses are not included in the charter fee, and will be billed based on usage at the end of the trip.

boarding 8pm
transit miami to bimini

Clear customs
AM Dive Bimini
PM Dive Cat Key
Transit to Cay Sal

AM dive Cay Sal
PM dive Cay Sal

AM dive Cay Sal
PM dive Cay Sal

AM dive Cay Sal
PM dive Cay Sal

AM dive Cay Sal
PM dive Cay Sal
Transit to Miami

Disembark 9:00 AM Miami

Rentals of common sized rebreather bottles, and bailout bottles are available from, Spree Expeditions. $50 for 1 diluent and o2 rebreather set, primary and secondary bailout bottles. Gas fills for bailout not included in rental fee, sizes limited to availability. Please contact us for details.

Trip cost is $2,950. To reserve your spot, a 1/3rd deposit is required. Booking is done directly through the Spree Expeditions website. Due to the location, and the fact the trip will be during hurricane season, trip insurance is recommended. All passengers must have a valid passport.