Well it finally happened the Sea Mist dive finally came together this morning and we were blessed with flat seas sunny skies and well, unfortunately plenty of current.

With over 3kts on the surface we got a great hot drop and landed right on the Sea mist deck at around 190'. Everyone immediately made a beeline for some shelter to keep from getting blow off and we made our way around the wreck.

The water temps plunged from the 80's to just over 60degrees, and yes we did freeze our South Florida butts off!

The wreck is still in good shape, one large crack in the hull on both sides is indicating that soon somthing will collapse. Hopefully it wont be the uprights that populate the fore and aft sections of the hold, looking like Iron man guarding over the hull.

The engine room was large and roomy, offering some great views and plenty of big engines and equipment too explore!

Due to the cold I didnt get much video that didnt have me shaking quite a bit so we cut our dive short and made an ascent to the warmer waters after launching our Smb's into the current...yikes, everyone burned through their line pretty quick on that one!

Deco was in 0 vis coming up, I kept bumping into fish, hoping it wasnt something that could put me on the menu, Jeff and Danielle had a visit from a curious Scalloped Hammerhead!

And back into the heat! and a debriefing at the Thirsty Turtle in Juno Beach to round it off! Cant wait until the next time!
Sea Mist 6-15-13 - YouTube