Hi Folks I posted this a few weeks ago in the Poseidon section but thinking about it it should really been here most of the info for using Blue O2 will apply to any reabreather and not just the Disco. I hope you find it useful.

The trip was with Blue O2 in the Blue Melody doing the Northern Reefs & Wrecks itinerary over Christmas. Blue O2 have a good set up for pre ordering rebreather consumables and we had no issues with the O2 & Dil cylinders, 6 ltr bail out stages or scrubber cartridges, they even added a couple of boxes of scrubber just in case we had any issues, which was a good plan as Mike managed to drop one. The only down side is the cost of scrubber is a fair more expensive in Egypt than the UK which adds a bit to the cost of the dives. Bulk scrubber is also available and is a bit cheaper than the Poseidon prepacked cartridges.

Traveling out with Thomas Cook was fine and the 25kg of pre-booked excess luggage was more than enough for the Peli case & Disco. On advice from the forum I removed the O2 sensors and battery and carried those in my hand luggage packing the rest of the head unit in the Peli case. This seems to have worked and I had no issues with sensors or the head unit during the holiday.

O2 was supplied onboard from C size cylinders and a small Haskel pump for the top ups. This was not a problem with only two of us and the guide topped the O2 up every night. but it takes a bit of time so a boat full of rebreathers would cause a few late nights filling cylinders. Dil was not a problem as the two of us were on air top ups and we found the best way was to do a dil top off after each dive.

Setting up on the first night took a bit more time the OC divers as we had to rebuild the units, but we were both given end slots on the dive deck so there was a bit more room and it made kitting up a lot easier and a slightly shorter walk to the dive deck. Following that there were no big issues, new scrubber cartridges went in for the first dive every morning and lasted all day along with the O2 and the dil cylinder was topped up after each dive.

The diving was fairly normal reefs & wrecks stuff with the highlights being some deep wall drifts at Ras Mohammed, and Christmas day on the Thistlegorm with 2 dives spent rummaging around on the debris field for over an hour which would not have happened diving OC. Over the week the 2 Discos performed faultlessly on 4 dives a day and for the first time I really got to appreciate how true all the stories are of how close you can get to marine life with bubbles frightening them off.

Finally Just a big thanks to the guides and crew on the Blue Melody for a great weeks diving and another one To Mike & Michele of Divers Down in Babbacombe for organising the trip.