I feel compelled to write this note of praise and a big thank you to Mr Boris Prommer. Recently I purchased a LAR V from Boris, (who hails from Austria) and what he sent me, exceeded my expectation. The LAR V was impeccable and he took so much care to answer all my questions. Delivery was prompt and item was well packed complete with all the little extras that I was not even expecting. I can only assumed that those gestures can only come from a dedicated rebreather diver who wants to make sure that whoever buys his rebreather unit is taking delivery of a good working unit for safety reasons. I know I probably sound like someone making a "good" buying experience comment like the type found on Ebay, but seriously this is different. Boris had a unit which I know he loved and now he wants the new owner to also take care of it and it, the owner. There are so many bad characters and unprofessional sellers out here that once in a while when we do meet people like Boris, we need to ensure he receives the due recognition that will hopefully help to promote and encourage good professional behaviours through his example, in our little RBW community. Thank you Boris.