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Thread: About to try a Dolphin, any tips or insights?

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    Re: About to try a Dolphin, any tips or insights?

    Quote Originally Posted by trash
    I've just started rebreather diving. Did the padi course because the TDI was not available where I was on holidays. (I knew the TDI back to front). I trained on the Ray which I think is a nice simple unit and excellent for newbies for it's simplicity. I didn't get the chance to use a dolphin as the unit was out of action at the time. So my padi skippy badge says ray.
    My attempt to hire a dolphin to familiarise myself with it so that if I ever want to hire a unit while on holidays, I'd be prepeared.
    But my local dive shop decided he wouldn't hire me a unit. (he had no qualms selling me one, given his $4800 aud price tag).

    So I put on my BIG frown that I use for padi drones and asked how much to get "certifed" with it. He quoted more for the 'upgrade' than I paid for the course. I wanted to familarise him with hypoxia, but I took more delight changing my plans to do my adv nitrox with him.

    I'm familiar with the dolphins on paper and I have absolutely no issues using a ray. I will probably find myself buying a dolphin or something very similar in the near future.

    I consider myself a conservative person. I fly hang gliders, so I'm no stranger to what happens if you fly outside your limits. Am I overstepping my mark with a dolphin or should I consider paying money to people I don't like ?
    Are there any tips and tricks that might be helpful ?

    If you are qualified to dive a Ray and have a good understanding of the differences then you should be able to dive a Dolphin easily. If you want to get your hands on a Dolphin have a look through eBay or some of the Scuba sites and you should be able to pick up a second hand dolphin for around $2500. Nice and easy way of getting started.

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    Re: About to try a Dolphin, any tips or insights?

    Thanks sven, I'm in Western Sydney. I know where SCD is. I used to work around Manly so I know where most of the dive shops are, or at least used to be.

    I personally think I'll have no issues with a dolphin either and once I've set the gas flow/mix I doubt there will be much difference in it's use from the Ray. So I kind of fail to see why somebody would make much of a distinction between the two unless they were interested in parting me with my hard earned dollars. (Call me a Cynic).
    I am however quite prepared to part with dollars if I get value for money and no nonsense training without spoonfeeding.

    Thanks for the heads up guys, I am familiar with most of the rebreather sites on the net and have been searching them suitable units for quite a while. A few have my attention but I'm in no rush to upgrade before I even get off the mark. For the moment, I think the dolphin and the ray are well within my capabilities and I'd like to build up a few hours on these units to exercise my own ego before moving on. It's just something I've come to appreciate over the years. A little extra time on the fundamental skills helps later on.
    If I do buy one of these units, I will have no issues on selling it to one of my friends when I upgrade. None of them dive RB's yet, but they are taking an interest in them since I started.

    I also (think) I would have no trouble building up my own unit.
    I do a lot of electronic engineering, though I'm not much of a mechanic so it's a distant future project.
    In any case, I still have a lot to learn about rebreathers and I'm sure I'll be syphoning off some information from users of this forum. :)

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