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Thread: U-boot 455

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    Re: U-boot 455

    Great wreck... If you want to dive it come to Genova! I can arrange a dive. We re-start to dive the u455 in the spring season.

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    Talking Re: U-boot 455

    beautiful photos

    Quote Originally Posted by dragor  View Original Post
    I would like to share a few photos of diving at the great U-BOOT 455 wreck which lies at the depth of -123m in the Ligurian sea, some miles from Genova, Italy. When the submarine sunk in 1944 it partly got buried in the seabed at the angle of 45 degrees. It is an exceptional feeling to be diving underneath its bow.
    Diving was organized by the DIRrebreather in the diving centre Portofino Divers. Participants were Marco Valenti ( Hammerhead, Italy), Sabrina Cattaneo (Hammerhead, Italy), Vic Verlinden (Inspiration Vision, Belgium), Dennis Blom (JJ-CCR, The Netherlands), Oscar Corna (Megalodon, Italy), Francesco di Vita (Megalodon,. Italy), Nicholas Schiavon (Inspiration Vision, France), Holger Berghauser (TR300, Germany), Armando Ribeiro (Inspiration Vision, Portugal), Pim van der Horst (PRISM2, The Netherlands) and me :) Drazen Goricki (Megalodon, Croatia).
    A big thanks goes to everyone for good company and great diving.

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