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Thread: Survey into Incident Reporting in the UK - Reporting Culture

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    Survey into Incident Reporting in the UK - Reporting Culture

    As many of you know I am undertaking a PhD at Cranfield University into Human Factors in Diving Incidents. Part of the first phase of my study is to determine the knowledge of reporting systems/reporting culture as part of the wider safety culture construct.

    I have already captured nearly 300 manually filled in forms at LIDS, dive sites and presentations, and now want to capture the online audience (which might be a little more self-selecting when it comes to safety information).

    As such, if you haven't already completed one of the forms in hard copy, I would be grateful if you could visit this site https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/divingincidentsurvey and fill in the form. It will take about 3 mins and contains no personally identifying data.

    I would also be grateful if you could send it around your friends, dive buddies, clubs and other fora to maximise the dataset captured.

    This is primarily a UK based survey and as I already have 430 UK and 140 overseas respondents, UK respondents would really be preferred as it is less for me to filter out. However, if you want to partake in the survey, please state whether you are a UK diver or not.

    The survey will close at the end of September and some preliminary results will be available at Eurotek 2012

    Any questions, just drop me a line.


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    Re: Survey into Incident Reporting in the UK - Reporting Culture

    Hello there,
    I hope that your survey is going well. I am currently completing a paper on military diving instructors safety perceptions. Your data would be useful to me, and I could send you some data on RN diving incidents.



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